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About Us

About Us

We are a CommUnity of Yoga Professionals, dedicating our lives to service & teaching. Each class and teacher is unique and offers a diverse background of experience, training, and styles. Though classes vary in difficulty, the Yoga Central family always places an emphasis on intelligent sequencing grounded in anatomical reality. Safety, alignment, and your well-being is our goal. Yoga is for all body types and ethnicities. This is yoga for your whole life.

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"For Health" with Margot Milcetich & Mike Curtis at The Yoga Place Ohio
Estée Chase

"For Health" with Margot Milcetich & Mike Curtis at The Yoga Place Ohio

Some of Canton Ohio's local yogis gathering for a relaxing evening of sharing and learning!

Some of Canton Ohio's local yogis gathering for a relaxing evening of sharing and learning!

When you walk through our doors you will not only find all styles and levels of yoga, but also a warm and welcoming community of students, staff and teachers. We offer acceptance, encouragement, compassion, a sense of adventure, and a reverence for what each individual can accomplish. We are always excited about sharing yoga and we have specialty classes for beginners, children, athletes, seniors, pregnancy, and people in need of rehabilitation. With so many years of experience, we are known for providing safe, compassionate, and skillful instruction. We believe everyone should have access to yoga.

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Our yoga classes provide movement for health and relaxation, but are also designed to promote greater self-awareness and inner peace. At The Yoga Place and Yoga Central we have a full spectrum of yoga programs to help improve strength, flexibility and posture but, even more importantly, yoga is a holistic and spiritual practice where we work on integration of mind, body and spirit. We provide a safe haven where you are warmly welcome and where you can work on personal development or just relax and experience the joy of yoga. We want to help you help yourself.


Don't limit your ideas about yoga. The joy of yoga shines brighter when we allow it to be many things. Yoga is balance, it is health, it is relaxation, it is transformation, it is the opening of new possibilities, it is community and much more.

Yoga is for Every Body

We also offer Reiki.  

Reiki is an energy healing art in which a Reiki Practitioner guides a flow of healing energy through the client's body to promote relaxation, balance, and healing. Reiki has been scientifically studied and is now available in hospitals across the United States. 
Reiki aids in and helps optimize other healing modalities and boost your overall health. It is a wonderful supplement to chemotherapy, pharmaceutical treatments, yoga, physical and mental therapy, and many more. We provide Reiki to the Canton, Ohio community as a stand-alone treatment or combined with yoga.

Our Reiki practitioners at Yoga Central and the Yoga Place are trained and certified by well-respected Reiki Masters. They are ready to listen compassionately and tailor the treatment to your needs or wants. They will respect your personal space and do everything they can to ensure you feel safe, relaxed, and well-informed during the treatment.

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