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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: I am new to Yoga. How should I prepare for my first class?


Answer 1: Be sure to wear something comfortable that you can move in, that fits well and isn't overly baggy. Leggings or sweat pants are best; no jeans please. For your first classes, we recommend bringing a basic yoga mat or borrowing one of ours at no cost. We also have recommended mats available for sale at our studios. Please do not bring one of those squishy, stretchy pilates mats. They are a bit difficult to use for Yoga and can actually be dangerous. Check out our "new student" page for additional information about what to expect!


Question 2: What class should I begin with? 

Answer 2: Students are welcome to sign up for any class of their choosing! We pride ourselves on offering an inclusive and safe environment for practitioners of all levels. However, if you're brand new to Yoga and/ or have health conditions, we recommend trying our beginners, gentle, or restorative classes first. We also offer Chair Yoga, and you can always schedule a private session with one of our experienced teachers to target your specific needs. If you already have a background in fitness and athletics, you can attend any of our classes including moderate, power, and vinyasa!

Question 3: What is Yoga? What are the benefits of Yoga?

Answer 3: "Yoga" in Sanskrit means "to yoke" or "to unite." Yoga is community, practice, awareness, and more. Yoga is about connecting the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga offers both a philosophy on living an ethical and meaningful life, and a set of practices intended to keep the body and mind healthy to promote vitality and longevity. At The Yoga Place & Yoga Central, we offer authentic Yoga for your whole life. There are numerous benefits of Yoga practice! To name a few, Yoga strengthens the mind and body, increases presence and awareness, and reduces stress. Learn more here.


Question 4: I am a Christian. Can I still practice Yoga? Is Yoga sinful?

Answer 4: Yoga is a spiritual discipline, not a religion. Yoga can be practiced alongside ANY religion, as it supports a connection to the Divine and recognizes divinity in many forms. It can also be practiced without any religious or spiritual association at all, and the practitioner will still enjoy many benefits for the mind & body. There is no concept of "sin" in Yoga; only that which is helpful and that which is not helpful. Yoga can also be seen as a lifestyle, and Yoga philosophy offers a framework of practices and recommendations for living an ethical life and causing the least harm possible to oneself, others, and the world.


That being said, Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago and the practice has co-evolved with Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Today, Yoga is practiced worldwide by people of many different cultures and belief systems. Some Yoga traditions recognize Jesus as a Yogi. The Yamas and Niyamas, or Yogic guidelines for living a beneficial life, are comparable to the 10 Commandments.

Question 5: Should I eat, drink, or take a pre-workout supplement before class?

Answer 5: We would recommend having a light meal or snack several hours before class. This gives your body enough time to process the food while still having energy for class! Please do not eat directly before class or come to class on a full stomach. Pre-workout supplements are not necessary prior to Yoga practice, but it is ultimately your choice.

Question 6: I have an injury. Can I still do Yoga? If so, what class?

Answer 6: If you are currently injured, please consult your qualified health professional before engaging in any sort of physical exercise. Always let your Yoga teacher know of any injuries or pre-existing health conditions. Our teachers will do their best to offer modifications to accommodate the injury, but it may be best to stick with gentle, restorative, chair, or private Yoga sessions in this case.


Question 7: I have not moved much in a long time and I am weak and stiff. Do I need to be strong or flexible before I can do Yoga?


Answer 7: No, you do not have to be strong or flexible already to practice Yoga. That's why it's called a Yoga practice, not a Yoga perfect! :) We all begin somewhere, and Yoga welcomes you wherever you are! Besides, Yoga is not all physical; we practice with our mind as well.

Question 8: Can pregnant women practice Yoga? Do you offer any prenatal Yoga classes?

Answer 8: Yes! We occasionally offer prenatal-specific workshops, but as far as regular classes, we recommend the gentle, restorative, and all levels classes. If you are an experienced practitioner already, and depending on the stage of pregnancy, you may be able to modify more difficult classes. Always let your instructor know at the start of class, and always consult with your qualified health professional about what is safe.

Question 9: Can I share my class pass with my friend/ family member/ spouse, or do they have to pay?

Answer 9: You most certainly can! However, we ask that you call or speak to a staff member in person as this requires a system pass share authorization. Note that it will still  bill the pass as two separate uses. For example, if you share your 5 Class Pass with your spouse, and each attend the same class, it will use two out of the five available passes. 


Question 10: I'm having trouble signing up for something online. Can you help?


Answer 10: Yes! Just arrive to the studio 10-15 minutes early for the class or event! We will help you create an account and/ or get signed up and paid. If your situation is urgent, please call us at (330) 499-2863.

Question 11: What should I do if I come to the studio and the door is unlocked but there is no one around? Or what if the door is locked when I arrive?

Answer 11: Please call us at (330) 499-2863 and we will assist you.

Question 12: How do I book a class?


Answer 12: Go to the schedule and find the class you would like to book. Click the "book now" button and log into your Wellness Living account OR create an account if you don't have one already. Follow the prompts from there. If you have trouble with this, see the answer for question #10.

Question 13: How do I cancel a class?

Answer 13: Log into your Wellness Living account and click on the "My Schedule" tab at the top. Find the class you would like to cancel, then click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the class. Click "cancel session," then click "ok" to confirm. Please be sure to cancel at least 6 hours in advance, otherwise you will still be charged for the class.


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