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Class Types

We are a Community of Yoga Professionals, dedicating our lives to service & teaching. Each class and teacher is unique and offers a diverse background of experience, training, and styles. Though classes vary in difficulty, the Yoga Central family always places an emphasis on intelligent sequencing grounded in anatomical reality. Safety, alignment, and your well-being is our goal. This is yoga for your whole life.

Chair Yoga

Not just for Grandma & Grandpa! This class is for those with limited mobility looking to regain or maintain functional strength, flexibility, and balance. Chair yoga includes movements seated in a chair as well as behind or beside the chair, using it for support and balance. Props such as straps, blocks, balls, and weights are used to enhance the benefits. No previous experience necessary. Classes are offered in 8-week sessions.

All-Levels Yoga

For new practitioners & yoga veterans alike. This is a class to work at your own pace and learn from others in the room. Modifications will be offered for poses and sequences, and this class will incorporate a variety of Yoga styles. No previous experience necessary, though a foundation in body awareness will be helpful.

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga is good cross-training for nearly everything - especially sports. Yoga helps prevent injury by providing a variety of movement & increasing body awareness. What starts out as a healthy training routine can sometimes become repetitive, and doing the same thing over-and-over again can lead to injury. This class includes strengthening with resistance bands, doing traction at the yoga wall, safely stretching the hamstrings, therapeutic work for the joints & muscles, and yoga relaxation. Mike Curtis was a runner, and is now a biker and plays tennis.

Belly Dancing

This class is for anyone who struggles to enjoy conventional exercise programs and is looking for fun, alternative ways to get fit, toned, and energized, or just to have fun & try something new.

We will learn the foundational movements & techniques of belly dance, such as isolating specific muscles and breathing through movement. Belly dance can increase confidence, relieve stress and tension, and create a time that is just for you to relax and celebrate your body and how it moves! If you're looking for a fun new way to build strength, stamina and increase flexibility, in a safe and nurturing environment, come dance with us!

Beginner Yoga

This class focuses on alignment and safety in basic yoga postures. We will move intentionally and sync breath with movement to develop interoception, or the perception of sensations from inside the body. This skill of "listening to your body" provides a strong foundation for yoga practice, allowing the practitioner to safely gain strength and flexibility. Enjoy the mind-body-breath connection and learn to calm the nervous system and self-reflect.

Moderate Yoga

Our moderate classes are a blend of all things Yoga: centering & grounding, warming up, building strength, balancing, cooling down, and ending in relaxation. Previous experience is not required, though it is helpful to come with a foundation of body awareness.

Movement Mondays

Together we will explore human movement through mobilization drills, with the intent of becoming a better mover regardless of the situation. Come and feel like a kid again (or still), while discovering natural mobility lost through years of disuse, specialization in sport, etc. It is requested that attendees be comfortable with squatting, kneeling, and plow pose. Long pants and clothing without zippers, snaps, or anything that may scratch the hardwood floor is required.  Also, consistent attendance helps the instructor and the student. This class focuses on proper technique and alignment, while building strength, flexibility, and resilience.

Private Yoga Lessons

Learn yoga from a highly skilled instructor in a private setting, and tailor the practice to your needs. You may choose to concentrate on learning specific skills, or on working with health issues. Request an appointment for a private yoga lesson here.

Gentle, Restorative,

& Yin Yoga

We all need relaxation, rest, and recovery. Restorative & Yin Yoga focus on relaxation and stillness through the use of props in supported postures. Gentle Yoga is a good entry point for new students, people recovering from an injury, or anyone who would like a therapeutic class. These class types are accessible for everybody; no experience required. Sometimes the biggest challenge in Yoga is cultivating the ability to focus, slow down, soften, and release tension from the body & mind.

Yogalates Plus

A strenuous mix of Yoga, pilates, and a lively dash of cumin and oregano! This class is a tasty blend of Yoga alignment, breathing, and mindful movements, with the strengthening exercises of Pilates to harness the benefits of both practices. We also use light hand weights, resistance bands, foam rollers, and humor. Our aim is to make the work intellectually challenging, therapeutic for the body, and uplifting for the soul. Modifications will be offered for accessibility.

Power Yoga

For those who want a more physically challenging practice. Previous yoga experience is suggested, but not required. Power yoga aims to build strength, flexibility, and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind.

Yoga Teacher Training

The Yoga Place, which opened in 1995, was one of Ohio’s first yoga studios. Many teachers in the area have gone through our YTT-200 and YTT-300 programs. We provide a nurturing environment for searching, learning, and growing. We believe in your potential and the development that is possible through the study and practice of Yoga. The Yoga Place & Yoga Central is a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance. Learn more about our YTT programs here.


Moderate Yoga

For those seeking to explore moderate Yoga practices with a gentle attitude. This class type may include more standing positions, as well as postures involving being on our hands and knees. Modifications will be offered to empower self-awareness and choice.

Vinyasa Yoga

This class offers a physical challenge through fluid movement with a strong emphasis on the breath. We explore creative sequencing with Sun and Moon Salutations to build heat, flexibility, and focus. Not recommended for those with mobility issues, wrist pain, or injuries that prevent you from easily getting off the floor.

Ta'i Chi & Qigong

T'ai Chi is a harmonious dance of Yin and Yang, sometimes referred to as “meditation in motion.” Yang is the masculine, warm, forceful, light principle, and Yin is the feminine, cool, yielding, dark principle. Neither principle is superior; both are necessary as two sides of the same coin. Over time, this martial art has evolved into a gentle form of exercise that can be practiced by people of all ages. Follow along with a sequence of flowing movements that are performed slowly and gracefully with smooth transitions to improve balance, flexibility, coordination, and relaxation.


Donation Based

Many of our classes & events are offered on a donation basis with no one turned away for lack of funds! When signing up for a class or event, please be sure to read the description to see if payment is required.

10-Class Pass

$120 ($12 per class)


Auto-Pay Subscription

$77/ Month ($924/ Year)

T'ai Chi & Qigong

6 Week Series for $65.00

2 series in a row, or 2 family members in a class for $120

6 Week Introduction Series for $45

New Student Special

3-Week Unlimited Class Pass for $55

15-Class Pass

$165 ($11 per class)


Unlimited Classes: Advance Payment


Belly Dancing

8 sessions for $100


One class for $15



Class Pass

 $90, a Great Value! 


Just $9 per class, if attending 10 classes per month!

Chair Yoga Classes

8 sessions for $50

5-Class Pass

$65 ($13 per class)



Class Pass

$250 ($8.33 per class, if attending 10 classes per month)

Private Yoga Lesons

60 minute sessions for $50

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