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Holistic Therapies

We would love to introduce you to the wonderful massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, sound healers, craniosacral practitioners, and Ayurveda experts who offer services at our establishment. They offer qualified expertise and a variety of services designed to suit your needs! Check them out and see how you can further rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul through a holistic modality!  

One of the massage rooms at The Yoga Place



Reiki is an energy healing art in which a practitioner guides a  healing energy through the client's body to promote relaxation, balance, and healing. Reiki is now available in hospitals across the United States. All of our Reiki therapists are professionally trained and licensed.



Massage is where a massage therapist uses their hands or massage tools to knead, move, and or rub muscles, tissues and skin to help relieve body stress, pain, and to aid in relaxation and the healing of injuries. All of the massage therapists at our location are professionally trained and licensed. 


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on massaging technique. It is a very light touch used to relieve pain and tension in the bodies connective tissues and muscles. It can help to relax the nervous system. All of our craniosacral therapists are professionally trained and licensed. 

Amy Whitman


Location: Yoga Central

(330) 323-4990

Ginger Rhodes


Location: Yoga Place

(330) 354-6453

Linda Zifer


Location: Yoga Central

(330) 204-1977

Paisley Devi

Ayurveda and Private Yoga

Location: Yoga Central

(330) 701-6694

Bethany Santos


Location: Yoga Central
(330) 309-3380

Gloria McAlister


Location: Ask on consult

(330) 265-5058

Mianna Morrison

Reiki and Private Yoga Location: Yoga Central

(719) 985-9984

Sally Liner

Massage/Craniosacral Therapy

Location: Yoga Central

(256) 465-1901

Danielle Lunce


Location: Yoga Central

(330) 974-4967

Kylie Noggle

Reiki and Private Yoga

Location: Yoga Place/Yoga Central

(330) 284-1279

Nicole Schoeppner

Sound Healing

 Location: Yoga Central


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