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Propose a Class or Event

Information For The Yoga Place & Yoga Central Staff

Before proposing a class, please consider:

  • You are responsible for recruiting for your class. Please do not rely on our website alone to populate your class. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that easily.

  • This submission form is more of a first step, not a final step. You will NEED to be PROACTIVE with social media, press releases, word-of-mouth, signage, and any other promotional materials. Be creative with your marketing.

  • We want to see you be successful and see your students be happy. We do not want to confuse our students by listing a class and then cancelling it.

To Submit A Class/Enrollment Form

  • Use the button below to submit proposals for new classes, events, and workshops, or to update existing ones.

  • The proposal will need to be approved by Mike before it is entered into Wellness Living and listed on the website.

  • Some email exchange or a phone call will likely be necessary in order to get your offering on the schedule. This process can take several weeks as we are constantly scheduling, promoting, and hosting many events. We appreciate your patience.

  • After submitting your proposal, please follow the instructions below to submit your promotional photos separately via email. 

To Submit Photos And Graphics

  • Please submit only HIGH quality photos! Minimum image dimensions are 500 x 500 pixels.

  • PNG or JPG files

  • No text on images

  • For the website "upcoming events" page, we need a square image - if you provide a rectangular image it will be cropped.

  • For the Wellness Living booking page, we need a VERY WIDE banner imageIt will be cropped to an 83:30 aspect ratio. (Cameras are typically 3:2 and phones are 4:3 aspect ratios.)

  • Email 2 or more images that meet these requirements to Put the name of your class or event in the subject of the email.

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