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Class/Enrollment Description *

The description of the class/enrollment exactly as you want it to appear in the listing. The teachers Name, dates and times should not be included in this description. Pricing should be included. Add the assistant's name here if you want it to appear in the listing. The location will be added by us, to the top of this description. If this is just a schedule update for and ongoing class, just say so here and don't provide a new description.

Start Date

End Date

This is the last day of the class/enrollment. You can leave it blank if it only meets once or if it's meets regularly for an indefinite period of time.


How often does this class/event meet? If you select other, please provide a description in the Additional information block.

Which day(s) of the we does it occur on?

If monthly, explain the schedule

ie. 1st Sunday, 3rd Wednesday, etc.

Start Time

Time the class/enrollment begins

Min # of Students

Minimum number of students allowed to enroll.

Preferred Studio/Room

End Time

Time the class/enrollment ends. Leave this blank if it is ongoing.

Max # of Students

Maximum number of students allowed to enroll.

How are you planning to market this?

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Provide $ amounts and descriptions of pricing options. If this uses the Ongoing Class Pricing, then just state so. Otherwise include options for: single session multiple sessions, any discounts: loyality, student (50%), early registration, new student, or other.

Additional Information

Provide any information that isn't covered by the blocks above. Include any questions or open issues.

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Photos/Class Documents

Please upload any descriptive documents or photos you would like to have promoted with the class.

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